Appco Group Be Something More

Brazil’s big night of triumph

December 20, 2013

It was a night of all-round success at Appco Group Brazil’s latest Rally, where four people were promoted to Assistant Manager and many more were presented with awards throughout the evening.




Guests from Spain, Poland and the UK attended the event, including Vice Presidents Alan Telford and Ali Mir who celebrated the high achievers in Centro Britânico Brasileiro, São Paulo.

The main award winners on the night were, Elaine Martins for Team of the Year, Crystian Kulba for New Office of the Year and Katsumi Sakamoto for Office of the Year, while Amauri Alves Agostinho, Bruno Dos Santos Lima, Rodrigo Buono Poletto and Vinicius Paiva Dos Santos were all promoted to Assistant Manager.

Andrew Blake, Country Head for Brazil said: “It’s incredible to think we had more than 140 people in attendance and only three years ago, we were doing our first sale with our first FR in the field.

“It’s clear to me what lies ahead is a huge opportunity for us all, now that the base has been built - bring on the expansion.”